The latest update on the Tax Shelter, news on SCOPE’s films...


The annual exemption limit soon increased to 850,000 €?

A proposal for a law was tabled on February 6, which provides for the increase of the maximum amount of exemption from a Tax Shelter investment, from € 750,000 to € 850,000 from the 2019 tax year.


SCOPE Invest recruits 2 Senior Investment Consultant

To reinforce its commercial structure, SCOPE Invest is looking for two business profiles in charge of the search for new Tax Shelter investors for Flanders and Brussels. Applications can be sent to


Les Magritte du Cinéma

Thomas Mustin has won the Magritte of Best Promising Actor for his role of the Duke of Condé in the movie "The Royal Exchange".


Release of "Une jeunesse dorée".

With Isabelle Huppert and Melvil Poupaud.


Supplement no. 3 of 27 December 2018.

SCOPE Invest published on December 27, 2018 a new Supplement to the Prospectus of May 22, 2018.


Release of "The Emperor of Paris"

The life of Vidocq, reviewed by Jean-François Richet.


Release of the film “L’Empereur de Paris” [The Emperor of Paris] scheduled for 19 December 2018.

With Vincent Cassel in the role of Vidocq...


Release of the film “Le jeu” [The Game] by Fred Cavayé scheduled for 17 October 2018.

With Stéphane De Groodt and Bérénice Bejo.


Opening of Film Fest Gent [Ghent Film Festival].

9 to 19 October.


Shooting of Fabienne Berthaud’s film “Un monde plus grand” [A Bigger World] in Liège.

With Cécile de France and Ludivine Sagnier.


Since 19 April 2018, SCOPE Invest has been accredited as an eligible intermediary for the “Performing Arts” Tax Shelter.

Full details in Supplement n°1 of 25 June 2018.


SCOPE Invest has its new Prospectus approved by the FSMA.

Valid for all investments up to 21 May 2019.