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“Tout le Monde aime Jeanne” for the 61st Critics\' Week


“Tout le Monde aime Jeanne” for the 61st Critics' Week

“Tout le Monde aime Jeanne”, co-produced by SCOPE, will be presented for the 61st Critics' Week at the Cannes Film Festival.

Annette wins 5 César and Benoit Magimel is the Best Actor


Annette wins 5 César and Benoit Magimel is the Best Actor

The 47th Cesar ceremony for French cinema offered 6 awards to films co-produced by SCOPE Pictures.

Release for \


Release for "Maigret" en "King"

Gérard Depardieu plays a more sentimental Maigret.

Release of the film \


Release of the film "Tendre et saignant"

"Tendre et saignant" is on view as from January 19.

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The films "De son vivant" and "Bergman Island" will be released in cinemas on November 24

Two films co-produced by SCOPE Pictures are released in Belgium

Mush-Mush and Heirs of the Night nominated for Emmy Kids Awards


Mush-Mush and Heirs of the Night nominated for Emmy Kids Awards

Double blow for SCOPE Pictures with two films nominated in New York

Stefan Ruzowitsky\'s Hinterland wins the Public Award at the Locarno Festival


Stefan Ruzowitsky's Hinterland wins the Public Award at the Locarno Festival

The film is a co-production between Freibeuter Film (Austria), Amour Fou (Luxembourg) and SCOPE Pictures.

Leos Carax awarded at Cannes for his film \


Leos Carax awarded at Cannes for his film "Annette"

The French director was awarded the Director's Prize.

Annette, of Leos Carax, opens the 74th Cannes Film Festival


Annette, of Leos Carax, opens the 74th Cannes Film Festival

Partly filmed in 2019 in Belgium, the highly anticipated "Annette", signed Léos Carax, opens the 74th Cannes Film Festival today (Tuesday, July 6).

Five SCOPE films in the official selection at Cannes


Five SCOPE films in the official selection at Cannes

The official selection of the 74th Cannes Film Festival was communicated this morning. 5 films co-produced by SCOPE appear in the official selection, 4 of which will compete for the Palme d'Or (July 6 to 17).

Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired U.S. rights to Oliver Dahan’s biopic Simone, A Woman Of The Century


Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired U.S. rights to Oliver Dahan’s biopic Simone, A Woman Of The Century

Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired US rights to Oliver Dahan’s biopic Simone, A Woman Of The Century about iconic French stateswoman and women’s rights champion Simone Veil. The film, whose release has been postponed until October 2021, is co-produced by SCOPE Pictures and has received Tax Shelter funds.

Eté 85 by François Ozon obtains 12 nominations for the César 2021


Eté 85 by François Ozon obtains 12 nominations for the César 2021

The César 2021 ceremony takes place on March 12 at the Olympia (Paris). Four films co-produced by SCOPE are among the potential winners.

Black Beach receives 6 nominations for the 2021 Goya\'s


Black Beach receives 6 nominations for the 2021 Goya's

The Goya awards are the Spanish equivalent of the Caesars. The thriller Black Beach, co-produced by SCOPE Pictures, received 6 nominations this year.


Your tax certificate available on

The tax certificates relating to the 2016 investments were issued in December. In principle, investors received them by post sent by the tax authorities. The documents can be downloaded via the SCOPE Invest platform If you do not yet have access to this platform, contact us by email at

Eté 85 preselected for the International Feature Film Oscar 2021


Eté 85 preselected for the International Feature Film Oscar 2021

The commission in charge of selecting the French film candidate for the 2021 International Feature Film Oscar met at the National Film and Moving Image Centre (CNC) on Thursday 12 November.


A guarantee fund to allow the resumption of filming in the Federation Wallonia-Brussels

The government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation has issued a special powers decree to speed up the resumption of film shooting by setting up a guarantee fund.


The cultural sector breathes a little more freely

As part of the Covid-19 pandemic, a first strong measure was taken by the Tax Shelter unit on March 13, 2020 to allow producers to extend by 6 months the period during which expenses eligible for the Tax Shelter can be performed. This measure is on the way to be confirmed within the framework of a bill of May 20, 2020 carrying various urgent fiscal measures because of the health crisis. Producers should now benefit, for all projects affected by this crisis, from a period of 24 months to spend on audiovisual works, and 30 months for animation projects and scenic works. Other exceptional measures are expected to be confirmed very soon. These must still be validated during a vote in plenary session in the Chamber: - The temporary increase (until the end of December 31, 2021) of the absolute investor exemption ceiling should be doubled: € 1,700,000 (instead of € 850,000) for the financial years ending no later than December 30, 2020 and 2,000,000 € (instead of 1,000,000 €) for financial years ending between December 31, 2020 and December 31, 2021). - Anteriority of expenses: article 194ter CIR92 allows, under certain conditions, to make previous expenses of maximum 6 months at the signing of a Framework Agreement. This principle of anteriority is not valid for Scenic Works. By this adaptation of the law, the priority should apply to Audiovisual and Scenic Works. Concrete measures that would allow the cultural sector to breathe a little more freely.


Advance tax payments: in case of insufficiency, think of the Tax Shelter!

For companies that end their fiscal year in March, the deadline for making advance payments has passed since March 20. Companies that find themselves in the absence or insufficiency of advance payments will be taxed at a higher rate. The increase applied to the basic tax amounts to 6.75%! There is a simple way to lower the score: make a Tax Shelter investment before the end of the fiscal year. This will be "doubly" profitable since it will, in addition to the tax yield of the Tax Shelter (5.25%), reduce the increase for insufficient advance payments. Indeed, the fact of making a Tax Shelter investment decreases the taxable base, and therefore the amount subject to the increase. More than ever, in such a case, think of the Tax Shelter!


Spending times extended by 6 months following coronavirus

By letter sent this Friday, March 13, 2020, the Tax Shelter cel of the Ministry of Finance officially announced the 6-month extension of the deadline granted to audiovisual and performing arts producers to make their expenses. The Tax Shelter law requires that eligible expenses have to be made within a maximum period of 18 months (24 months for animated films and performing arts) after the date of signing framework agreements with investors. In practice, this means that producers do not have to hang around to spend once the funds have been raised. The coronavirus crisis leads, as in all sectors, to a slowdown in activity which can resemble paralysis. How can we imagine, in the circumstances we know, the organization of a filming in Belgium? This measure taken on Friday by the Tax Shelter unit therefore allows a 6-month postponement of expenses in current projects for which funds have been raised. Good news for our sector!

Great distinction for SCOPE films in Paris and Berlin


Great distinction for SCOPE films in Paris and Berlin

Noticed last May at the Cannes Film Festival, in the "Un certain regard" section, then awarded three prizes at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival and again nominated among the best foreign films at the latest Oscars, Mounia Meddour's "Papicha" was a favourite for the César for "Best First Film". This was confirmed with a double award for this audacious film, which won the César for "Best First Film" but also the César for "Best Female Newcomer" for Lyna Khoudri in the role of Nedjma. Among the films co-produced by SCOPE Pictures, no less than twelve nominations were in the running for the César: eight for "Grâce à Dieu" by François Ozon, two for "Papicha", as well as two respectively for Anaïs Demoustier for her role in "Alice and the Mayor" by Nicolas Pariser and for Chiara Mastroianni in "Room 212" by Christophe Honoré. Swann Arlaud, already winner in 2018 of the César award for Best Actor for the film "Petit paysan", won the award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his interpretation of the role of Emmanuel Thomassin in "Grâce à Dieu", a film devoted to paedophilia scandals in the Catholic Church in France. The sensation then truly began with the César for "Best Actress" that was given by Matthieu Kassovitz to the young Anaïs Demoustier for her role as Alice Heimann in "Alice et le Maire", in which she plays with Fabrice Luchini. In total, that makes four Césars for films co-produced by SCOPE Pictures! Finally, the weekend ended with a wonderful award for "Effacer l’historique", a beautifully crafted comedy by the Delépine-Kervern duo about the excesses of the digital era and social networks, which won a Silver Bear at the closing of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival. "Papicha", "Grâce à Dieu", "Alice et le Maire" and "Effacer l’historique" are films co-produced by SCOPE Pictures and supported by the Belgian Tax Shelter via SCOPE Invest.


12 César nominations for films co-produced by SCOPE

The French Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Techniques released the list of nominees today for the 45th Césars Ceremony, which will take place on the 28th of February 2020 in Paris. SCOPE is very pleased to find no less than twelve of its co-productions among the nominated works! There are eight nominations for François Ozon's "Grâce à Dieu" with Melvil Poupaud and Josiane Balasko, two nominations for Mounia Meddour's "Papicha", including the César for "Best First Film", as well as nominations for "Alice et le Maire" and "Chambre 212" respectively. We look forward to February 28, 2020 to hear the jury's verdict!


Two SCOPE co-productions selected at the Magritte du Cinéma

The André Delvaux Academy announced the results of the first voting round for the 10th edition of the "Magritte du Cinéma". Among the nominees we find two SCOPE co-productions: Cécile de France (Best Actress) for "Un monde plus grand" and Bouli Lanners (Best Actor) for "C'est ça l'amour". The winners will be announced on the 1st of February.


« War of the Worlds » previewed at the Ghent Film Festival

The international series "War of the Worlds", co-directed by Gilles Coulier, will be presented in Belgian premiere at the Ghent Film Festival on October 14th. The first two episodes will be revealed. Among the main roles we can find Irish actor Gabriel Byrne and American actress Elizabeth McGovern. Léa Drucker, Guillaume Gouix and Adel Bencherif are also part of the cast. The series is located in a contemporary Europe. When astronomers detect a transmission from another galaxy, it is irrefutable proof of intelligent alien life. The Earth's population is waiting for contact with its breath, but should not wait long. In a few days, humanity is almost destroyed, there are only pockets of humanity in a world strangely deserted. As extraterrestrial ships appear in the sky, the survivors ask a burning question: who are these attackers and why are they determined to destroy us?


« Papicha » present at the Ghent Film Festival

The latest film by Mounia Meddour, "Papicha" will be presented at the Ghent Film Festival on October 13th. The director looks back on the events of the Algerian civil war of the 1990s. Nedjima, an eighteen-year-old student, dreams of becoming a fashion designer and sells her sexy clothes to 'papichas' (beautiful Algerian girls) in the toilets of the girls. trendy nightclubs. His independent life is radically limited by religious fundamentalists, but Nedjima does not give in and organizes a fashion show as a protest. A hymn to freedom, with which Meddour wants to show that even a forced social change does not necessarily push people to flee. 'Papicha' was present at this year's Cannes Film Festival in the 'Un Certain Regard' section. The Ghent Film Festival will take place from 8 to 18 October 2019.


Seven SCOPE coproductions at the International French Film Festival of Namur

Three SCOPE Pictures coproductions will compete at the 34e edition of the FIFF of Namur : « On a magical night » by Christophe Honoré, « Adoration » by Fabrice du Welz and « Notre Dame » by Valérie Donzelli. A fourth SCOPE film, « Les héros ne meurent jamais » by Aude Léa Rapin, is also in competition but this time in de section 'first work of fiction'. Beyond the subsection 'Les pépites' we can find: « Alice and the Mayor » by Nicolas Pariser, « Un monde plus grand » by Fabienne Berthaud and « My Stupid Dog » by Yvan Attal.


« On a magical night » opening of the FIFF de Namur

After being selected in the category "Un certain regard" in Cannes last spring - and for Chiara Mastroianni winning the prize for female interpretation - "On a magical night", the new film by Christophe Honoré, will be presented to the Belgian public on 27 September opening of the International French Film Festival of Namur (FIFF).


« Papicha » will represent Algeria at the Oscars 2020

Algeria is the first out of the gate in the race for the 2020 Oscars, naming Mounia Meddour's « Papicha » its official contender for the best international film category. Set in the 1990s, « Papicha » stars Lyna Khoudri as Nedjma, a fashion-obsessed young woman who, together with her girlfriend, Wassila (Shirine Boutella), makes money selling garments they've made made in the bathroom of local dance club to the "papichas," or pretty girls. Like the rest of the country, they will soon be caught up in Algeria's bloody civil war. But the pair continue to fight for their freedom, and for their dream of staging their own fashion show. Meddour's feature debut premiered in Cannes' Un Certain Regard section this year.


Four SCOPE co-productions at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival

Every year, at the end of the summer, the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival offers a wide selection of films that will make an impact in September and until the end of the year: popular comedies, auteur films, feature films from the Francophonie ... Among the expected films, the new film by Yvan Attal, with Charlotte Gainsbourg "My stupid dog" will be presented in opening. Other SCOPE Pictures co-productions are in competition, such as Julien Rappeneau's "Fourmi", "Papicha" by Mounia Meddour and "Notre Dame" by Valérie Donzelli. The Angoulême Francophone Film Festival will be held from August 20 to 25, 2019.


« Un monde plus grand » at the Venice Film Festival

According to Corine Sombrun's book "My introduction to shamans", Fabienne Berthaud's new film « Un monde plus grand » starring Cécile de France is being selected at the Venice Film Festival. The 76th edition of the Venice International Film Festival is held from August 29, 2019 to September 8, 2019.


"Adoration" screened at the Film Festival of Locarno

Fabrice du Welz's latest film with Thomas Gioria, Fantine Harduin and Benoît Poelvoorde, will be screened at the Piazza Grande of the Locarno Film Festival this summer. The Film Festival will be held from August 7th to 17th. The film tells the story of a lonely boy, Paul, who meets Gloria, the new patient at the psychiatric clinic where his mother works. Falling madly in love with this troubled and solar teenager, Paul will run away with her, away from the adult world ...


"Alice and the Mayor" of Nicolas Pariser, 5th film by SCOPE Pictures selected in Cannes!

"Alice and the Mayor", with Fabrice Luchini and Anais Demoustier, completes the selection of feature films co-produced by SCOPE Pictures who are selected at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. "Alice and the Mayor" will be presented in world premiere in the section "La Quinzaine des réalisateurs".


With "Heroes don't die", SCOPE Pictures places a fourth feature film in Cannes

Aude Léa Rapin's film "Heroes don't die" is selected in Cannes in the section "La semaine de la critique". After "Sibyl" (in official competition), "Room 212" and "Papicha", this is therefore a fourth feature film selected in Cannes co-produced by SCOPE Pictures and co-financed through the Tax Shelter.


"Sibyl" by Justine Triet in competition in Cannes

"Sibyl", starring Virginie Efira and Adele Exarchopoulos in the main roles, is one of the films in competition for the Palme d'Or in Cannes. Two other films co-produced by SCOPE Pictures and distributed by Telescope are part of the official selection: "Chambre 212" by Christophe Honoré and "Papicha" by Mounia Meddour who will compete in the "Un certain regard" section.


The annual exemption limit soon increased to 850,000 €?

A proposal for a law was tabled on February 6, which provides for the increase of the maximum amount of exemption from a Tax Shelter investment, from € 750,000 to € 850,000 from the 2019 tax year.


SCOPE Invest recruits 2 Senior Investment Consultant

To reinforce its commercial structure, SCOPE Invest is looking for two business profiles in charge of the search for new Tax Shelter investors for Flanders and Brussels. Applications can be sent to


Les Magritte du Cinéma

Thomas Mustin has won the Magritte of Best Promising Actor for his role of the Duke of Condé in the movie "The Royal Exchange".


Release of "Une jeunesse dorée".

With Isabelle Huppert and Melvil Poupaud.


Supplement no. 3 of 27 December 2018.

SCOPE Invest published on December 27, 2018 a new Supplement to the Prospectus of May 22, 2018.


Release of "The Emperor of Paris"

The life of Vidocq, reviewed by Jean-François Richet.


Release of the film “L’Empereur de Paris” [The Emperor of Paris] scheduled for 19 December 2018.

With Vincent Cassel in the role of Vidocq...


Release of the film “Le jeu” [The Game] by Fred Cavayé scheduled for 17 October 2018.

With Stéphane De Groodt and Bérénice Bejo.


Opening of Film Fest Gent [Ghent Film Festival].

9 to 19 October.


Shooting of Fabienne Berthaud’s film “Un monde plus grand” [A Bigger World] in Liège.

With Cécile de France and Ludivine Sagnier.


Since 19 April 2018, SCOPE Invest has been accredited as an eligible intermediary for the “Performing Arts” Tax Shelter.

Full details in Supplement n°1 of 25 June 2018.


SCOPE Invest has its new Prospectus approved by the FSMA.

Valid for all investments up to 21 May 2019.