The Cyclades previews at the Angoulême festival

The Big Blue

Blandine is depressed. Divorced, she now sees her only son leaving to live in Paris. Left to herself, she suddenly reconnects with Magalie. At the time, they were funny, accomplices, carefree. And they shared the same passion for The Big Blue. Moreover, they had sworn to go one day to Amorgos, and perhaps find the trace of Enzo and Jacques Maillol.

And if this forced trip was the opportunity for a new beginning?  And why not the rebirth of a beautiful friendship? Even if they don't have much in common. One is strict, wise and tidy, the other is whimsical and undisciplined. From island to island, Blandine and Magalie will cross the Cyclades to perhaps finally find each other.

A summer comedy

Marc Fitoussi imagined "The Cyclades" as a true summer comedy, full of color, where women have the leading role, highlighting their strength of resilience and their fighting spirit. But like all successful comedies, this one will also draw on drama, with characters suffering from loneliness, trauma or illness, and who will fight and help each other.


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