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The Tax Shelter

The Tax Shelter

Forming part of the fiscal measures introduced and supported by the Belgian federal government, the Tax Shelter enables any participating Belgian company to reduce its taxable base by a maximum of €850,000 per financial year, to benefit from an immediate tax break and to conduct a financial operation designed to offer an attractive positive return. For a business, investing in a Tax Shelter operation means generating a return from part of your tax!

WARNING For the investor, the operation consists of making a payment of funds without eventual repayment in the aim of obtaining a Tax Shelter certificate linked to an eligible work (audiovisual or theatrical) which, under certain conditions, entitles the investor to a tax exemption. The Tax Shelter features risk factors. The main one of these is the risk of not obtaining or only partially obtaining the tax benefit for the investor. The consequence of this is the total or partial loss of the amount invested should the guarantee mechanisms be inoperative, - as stated in our Prospectus dated 25 June 2019, briefly in the warning on the cover, and more comprehensively on pages 16 and 27 of the Prospectus. The approval of the Prospectus by the FSMA should not be considered as a favorable opinion on the offer it contains.SCOPE Invest’s service concerns investments within the framework of the Belgian Tax Shelter system (for the audiovisual & performing arts sectors) in accordance with the provisions of Articles 194ter and following of the 1992 Income Tax Code (hereinafter 1992 CIR). The lack of financial details and experience at SCOPE in  relation to the "Tax Shelter for performing arts" constitutes another risk factor detailed in point 3.6 of the Prospectus. The investor’s participation in the offer is not subject to any minimum amount and does not involve any costs payable by the investor apart from the investment itself. Companies interested in SCOPE Invest’s offer are invited to consult the comprehensive information contained in the Prospectus and to seek confirmation from their usual financial and fiscal advisers regarding this investment opportunity.

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What’s the yield?

What’s the yield?

A Tax Shelter operation offers a potential net global gain of approximately 10% of the sum invested. The fiscal yield is 5.3%, plus interest paid no more than 18 months after the investment.

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The Prospectus

Since 2007, SCOPE Invest has been publishing an annual FMSA-approved Prospectus which provides the investor with all the information required to make a Tax Shelter investment. The approval of the Prospectus by the FSMA should not be considered as a favorable opinion on the offer it contains. The current Prospectus was approved on 25 June 2019 and is valid until 24 June 2020.

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Film production

Producing a film (or a theatrical work) consists primarily of assembling the financial resources required for its completion. A mechanism used in Belgium since the year 2000, the Tax Shelter enables producers to find funding from Belgian companies, which reciprocally benefit from a yield from their investment.

Courtesy of the Tax Shelter, SCOPE has already helped to fund over 200 feature films that have garnered both commercial success and awards at prestigious festivals (including 2 Palmes d'Or, 1 Silver Bear and over 10 films in the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, 95 César nominations and 3 Oscar nominations).

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23/07 - "Adoration" screened at the Film Festival of Locarno

Fabrice du Welz's latest film with Thomas Gioria, Fantine Harduin and Benoît Poelvoorde, will be screened at the Piazza Grande of the Locarno Film Festival this summer. The Film Festival will be held from August 7th to 17th. The film tells the story of a lonely boy, Paul, who meets Gloria, the new patient at the psychiatric clinic where his mother works. Falling madly in love with this troubled and solar teenager, Paul will run away with her, away from the adult world ...


23/04 - "Alice and the Mayor" of Nicolas Pariser, 5th film by SCOPE Pictures selected in Cannes!

"Alice and the Mayor", with Fabrice Luchini and Anais Demoustier, completes the selection of feature films co-produced by SCOPE Pictures who are selected at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. "Alice and the Mayor" will be presented in world premiere in the section "La Quinzaine des réalisateurs".

With \

22/04 - With "Heroes don't die", SCOPE Pictures places a fourth feature film in Cannes

Aude Léa Rapin's film "Heroes don't die" is selected in Cannes in the section "La semaine de la critique". After "Sibyl" (in official competition), "Room 212" and "Papicha", this is therefore a fourth feature film selected in Cannes co-produced by SCOPE Pictures and co-financed through the Tax Shelter.


18/04 - "Sibyl" by Justine Triet in competition in Cannes

"Sibyl", starring Virginie Efira and Adele Exarchopoulos in the main roles, is one of the films in competition for the Palme d'Or in Cannes. Two other films co-produced by SCOPE Pictures and distributed by Telescope are part of the official selection: "Chambre 212" by Christophe Honoré and "Papicha" by Mounia Meddour who will compete in the "Un certain regard" section.

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