Our team

SCOPE possesses a team of specialists who work on behalf of Tax Shelter investors and are constantly looking for the best film projects.

Our team


Geneviève Lemal:
CEO & Producer

Nicolas Keusters:
Operations Director

Martin Detry:
Marketing & Communications Director



Alexander Oberink:
Senior Investment Consultant

Eric Vandenkerckhoven:
Senior Investment Consultant

Jacques Cardon:
Senior Investment Consultant

Stijn De Block:
Senior Investment Consultant

Jan De Wever:
Senior Investment Consultant

Eric de Hennin:
Senior Investment Consultant

Audrey Loucas:
Marketing & Customer Care Executive

Laurent Bencharif:
Administrative Assistant


SCOPE’s body of shareholders consists of financial professionals and audiovisual institutions that give SCOPE the benefit of a precious skillset unique on the market. The shareholders include Geneviève Lemal (via Elisal and Nador Invest), MCI (from the Natixis group), the brokerage firm Rubini & Partners, Virginie Paillet and the company Cinéfine.

Full details on the body of shareholders are provided in the FSMA-approved Prospectus.


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