Information on the Tax Shelter for accounting professionals.

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SCOPE Invest: the accountant’s partner

Since 2003, SCOPE Invest has developed special relationships with accountancy firms, chartered accountants, tax advisers and auditors across the length and breadth of Belgium.

SCOPE Invest provides professionals with comprehensive expertise and advice on the Tax Shelter, together with a digital platform that allows them to easily monitor the progress of their clients’ investments.

Our services

1. Investment planning

With SCOPE Invest, investors benefit from personalised support and from full management by an experienced Tax Shelter adviser, who provides them with a detailed presentation of the Tax Shelter product developed by SCOPE Invest.

• These advisers are in contact with the investors’ accountancy firms and support them throughout the investment operation:

- They provide them with a detailed presentation of SCOPE Invest’s Tax Shelter product and the film projects available for the period during which they are choosing to invest;

- They answer all their questions (on accounting, taxation, legislation, etc.) and refer them, where necessary, to internal specialists from SCOPE Invest;

- They liaise with the investor’s accountant in order to define the optimum investment amount using the simulation tool developed by SCOPE Invest.

• The investor signs up for their Tax Shelter investment directly with their adviser or through the intermediary of their accountancy firm.

• SCOPE Invest informs the Tax Shelter control unit of the investment and invites the investor to make the payment within 3 months of the signing of their framework agreement.


2. Investment managing and monitoring

SCOPE Invest has developed a highly effective simulation tool that permits the precise calculation of the optimum amount to be invested in the Tax Shelter, according to the information available at the time of the simulation.

Upon publication by the investor of its annual accounts, SCOPE Invest validates the amounts invested during the previous financial year and proposes to the investor and/or their tax adviser a plan for a new Tax Shelter investment, taking into account any sums to be carried over from previous financial years.

This proactive monitoring of investors enables the validation of past investments and, if necessary, the refinement of the simulation prior to each investment decision.

Training for accountants

Training for accountants

Upon request, SCOPE Invest can organise training sessions aimed at accounting professionals (chartered accountants and tax advisers) who wish to get up to speed with the Tax Shelter or learn more about certain aspects.

For instance, a crash course can be provided on the Tax Shelter capacity calculation tool developed by SCOPE Invest, in order to ensure that all users within the accountancy firm are comfortable with its use.

Certain training sessions offered by SCOPE Invest are IEC-IAB-approved and can be certified as part of vocational training for accounting professionals.



In order to facilitate accounting professionals’ monitoring of the development of their clients’ Tax Shelter investments, SCOPE Invest provides them with access to a secure web platform where they can track the progress of the investment portfolio in real time.

All elements linked to the Tax Shelter operations conducted by SCOPE Invest are accessible around the clock and in real time. is accessible 24/7, via a username and password available on request from the investor or accountancy firm, for easy access to all Tax Shelter investments made by its clients.


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