SCOPE Pictures making waves in Belgium and abroad

At SCOPE Pictures in this first half of 2019, the new initiatives and film shoots have been coming thick and fast.

At SCOPE Pictures in this first half of 2019, the new initiatives and film shoots have been coming thick and fast. Downstream of SCOPE Invest’s intermediation activities between investors and film projects, SCOPE Pictures co-produces works and manages the related expenditure on Belgian soil. No fewer than forty films are created in this way each year, with an especially high level of impact on the French cinematic landscape in particular. Currently, SCOPE Pictures is in the process of expanding its horizons to countries such as Spain and Scandinavia, while combining these international co-productions with the development of its own projects. Read on for details of some of these exciting creations. 

Already on your screens or coming soon…

  • “C’est ça l’amour” (drama), debut solo feature film from Claire Burger, with Bouli Lanners (released 27 March)
  • “Grâce à Dieu” (drama), by François Ozon, Grand Prix du Jury at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival (released 3 April
  • “Chamboultout” (comedy), by Eric Lavaine, with Alexandra Lamy and José Garcia (released 3 April)
  • “Venise n’est pas en Italie” (comedy drama), by Ivan Calbérac, with Benoît Poelvoorde (due for release in Belgium on 29 May)
  • “Fourmi” (comedy drama), by Julien Rappeneau, with François Damiens, Maleaume Paquin, André Dussollier and Ludivine Sagnier (due for release in Belgium on 4 September).

Currently in production…

  • Musique de Chambre” (drama), written & directed by Christophe Honoré, a full-length feature film starring Vincent Lacoste, Chiara Mastroianni and Benjamin Biolay. Split between Belgium, Luxembourg and France, the shooting has just been completed. 
  • “Annette”, rock-opera by Leos Calax, with Michelle Williams and Adam Driver. To be shot in Belgium this summer (2019). 
  • “Bergman Island” (drama), by Mia Hansen-Love, with Tim Roth, Mia Wasikowska and Vicky Krieps. The director took her team to Sweden’s remote Faro Island, former home of iconic film director Ingmar Bergman. The shooting is due to be completed in June (2019). 
  • “Wasp Network” (drama), feature film written and directed by Olivier Assayas, starring Penelope Cruz and Edgar Ramirez. Filming commenced in February (2019) on the island of Cuba. 

New horizons…

A long-standing partner of French cinema, SCOPE recently extended its activities to Spain (most notably with the films “Abracadabra” by the director Pablo Berger and El Arbol de la Sangre” directed by Julio Medem) and Scandinavia. Moreover, despite the potentially destabilising effect of the current political situation, several works are also produced with the United Kingdom each year. And mindful of the diversification of media formats, Scope Pictures is also involved in the production of English-language films and series for online platforms. 

  • Atlantic Crossing”, Norwegian series recounting Princess Martha’s fight for her country, for which the special effects will be created in Belgium.
  • Heirs of the Night”, series aimed at a teenage audience and set in the late 19th century. A gripping tale of vampires, it will be co-produced between the Netherlands, Germany and Norway, filmed in Lithuania and post-produced in Belgium. 
  • “Croc-Love”, a teaser web-series dealing with the invention of a Love Test, produced for Studio 4 and broadcast on Youtube.

Home made...

There’s no denying that these international co-productions are especially time-consuming, but SCOPE Pictures is firmly committed to simultaneously developing projects on its own behalf. In the pipeline are initiatives including an international espionage series in which the action unfolds in Brussels and which draws its inspiration from the cartoon strip “Sourire 58” by Patrick Weber as well as Jonathan Coe’s novel “Expo 58”. And more in the genre of the political thriller, there’s another series to be penned by the historian, journalist and screenwriter Patrick Weber, focusing on relations between King of the Belgians Leopold III and his ministers during the tumultuous period separating the 1940 capitulation and his abdication ten years later. 

Such a wide range of prestigious projects, some completed, others in progress and still more on the drawing board, is nothing short of a huge cause for celebration! Note the key dates in your diary now!


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