The overall gain from the Tax Shelter has now reached 12.94%

With the increase in interest rates, the overall net gain from a Tax Shelter investment has now risen past the 12% net mark.

Euribor rates on the rise

The return from a Tax Shelter investment is a combination of a tax yield and a financial gain.

This return varies every six months, depending on the average Euribor rate for the six months preceding the half-yearly closing date.

With the high rise in interest rates, the average Euribor rate on 1st January 2023 moved into positive territory and currently stands at 2.334%.

The bottom line: the financial part of the overall gain from a Tax Shelter investment is more than 10% gross (7.69% net) of the amount invested over an 18-month period.

This 7.69%, added to the 5.25% from the tax yield for the operation, produces an overall result of 12.94%.

Last update on : 27.02.2023

Exemption ceiling of 2,000,000€ to be confirmed

For companies returning a pre-tax book profit in excess of 5.375 million €, it is possible to exempt an annual amount that has been capped at 2,000,000€ since the Covid crisis.

This measure, which is aimed at supporting the industry (double the exemption ceiling), has been extended to include the financial years ending on 31st December 2022. This is due to be confirmed at a later stage and will increase the volume of the Tax Shelter. It will also enable the video game sector to benefit from this financing tool.

Last update on : 27.02.2023

Financial years ending from January to December

At SCOPE Invest, we stay open until 31st December each year to accommodate the final investors of the year.

For this purpose, we keep funds in reserve for new and exclusive projects. 

Contact us today by sending an e-mail to or by leaving a message via the contact page on this website.

We look forward to proposing an investment for you in a SCOPE Pictures or Sceniscope production!

Last update on : 27.02.2023


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