The 50 European films that you should be on the lookout for according to Screen Daily

Screen Daily, the famous cinema magazine with a history of predicting tomorrow’s actors, has released their list of European films that would tempt film festival directors in 2021.

Four films co-produced by SCOPE on the list

The more than a century old journal, first published in 1889, is well-known for their ability to predict upcoming stars and films. With a very impressive record of revealing talent, it is always a good sign to see films we co-produced on the list!

Their predictions for the 50 European films to be shown to festivalgoers in 2021 make for an extremely interesting reading list.

The ones that we are particularly glad to find on this list include such future classics as “Annette” by Leos Carax, “Bergman Island” by Mia Hansen-Love, “Eiffel” by Martin Bourboulon, and “Tout s’est bien passé” by François Ozon.

“Annette” is Carax’s long awaited return. This LA-set musical comedy with Marion Cottillard and Adam Driver features both actors as parents to a girl with a very special gift. Screen Daily foresees a likely chance of the film featuring at Cannes this year. The screenplay is signed by the members of the rock group “Sparks”, and confirmation has been given that nearly all dialogues will be sung.

“Bergman Island” by Mia Hansen-Love, features the melancholy island of Faro, once home to Ingmar Bergman, the famous Swedish director. Tim Roth and Vicky Krieps undertake the long voyage to finish a screenplay together and pay homage to Bergman. However, their plans start to fall apart as reality and fiction start to collide while in contact with the locals…

“Eiffel” by Martin Bourboulon explores the passion of the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel for a mysterious woman only known as “Adrienne”. Emma Mackey (Sex Education) and Romain Duris incarnate these figures, who are respectively the inspiration for, and the engineer of the Eiffel tower in Paris.

And last but not least, the return of François Ozon with “Tout s’est bien passé”. After the critically acclaimed “Eté 85” in which he explored young summer love, we can find him exploring the other side of the spectrum of human emotion, with his interest for the end of life. Adapted from a novel by Emmanuelle Bernheim, Sophie Marceau plays a writer who helps her father put an end to his life, after a stroke leaves him incapacitated.

SCOPE Invest and SCOPE Pictures are of course on the lookout to see if Screen Daily’s predictions will be correct.

Last update on : 01.03.2021


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