The 2022 tax certificates have just arrived

Investors have received their tax certificates expiring in December 2022.

38 films under control

This year, 38 films were controlled by the Tax Shelter cel. The 382 tax certificates were issued to investors at 100% of their expected value.

The manner in which tax certificates are issued can take several forms:

- by registered mail sent by the administration

- by direct deposit to the investor's MyMinFin account

- by sending an automated email from upon receipt of your tax certificate in our system

The list of the 38 films concerned by the 2022 certificates is as follows:

  • 11.11.18
  • Alice et le maire
  • Annette
  • Blanche comme neige
  • Bordertown Saison 3
  • Chamboultout (ex. La course de la mouette)
  • Chambre 212 (ex Musique de chambre)
  • Cromagnon
  • Cuban network (ex. Wasp network)
  • Fête de Famille (ex: Joyeux anniversaire)
  • Fourmi
  • Grand prix Monaco, la légende
  • Gribouille Saison 2
  • La Daronne
  • La nouvelle nature temporaire des carrières
  • Le son des Shetland
  • Les Apparences (ex: Valses de Vienne)
  • Les belges en or (ex. Les rois du monde)
  • Les couleurs du vieux continent
  • Les héros ne meurent jamais
  • Sardine de l'espace
  • Mbudha, sur les traces des chimpanzés
  • Mick le Minichef
  • Moleskine
  • Mon chien stupide
  • Mush Mush
  • Notre Dame
  • Peacekeepers
  • Petit Pays
  • Sibyl (ex : La première séance)
  • Solar Bike
  • The trial of Christine Keeler
  • Un monde plus grand (ex titre : Chamane)
  • Un vrai bonhomme
  • Venise n'est pas en Italie
  • War Of The Worlds
  • Who is the master of puppets
  • Y'Africa

Last update on : 25.12.2022

Direct deposit on MyMinFin

This year, the administration successfully tested direct deposit on MyMinFin. It's a safe bet that this method will be used in the future to avoid sending registered mail.

Investors who have not received their tax certificate should check in MyMinFin before contacting SCOPE.

These are the following 10 films:

  • Annette
  • Chamboultout
  • Le son des Shetland
  • Sardine de l'espace
  • Mush Mush
  • Venise n'est pas en Italie
  • Grand Prix de Monaco, la légende
  • Les couleurs du vieux continent
  • Notre Dame
  • Solar Bike


Last update on : 25.12.2022

What to do in case of error on your certificate?

Do you notice an error on the certificate received?

Contact SCOPE who will ask the administration to provide you with a corrective certificate.

The most common errors are:

  • Incorrect investor data
  • Incorrect investment amount and/or date
  • Immunization rate (310% or 356%)

As a reminder, the rate of 310% applies to tax years prior to 2019. The rate of 356% applies to tax years 2019 and 2020.

All December 2022 tax certificates were issued at 100% of their expected tax value.

As a reminder, the tax certificate must be attached to your ISOC declaration for the year during which you claim the definitive exemption (therefore the 2022 income year for certificates received in December 2022).

Last update on : 25.12.2022


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