Three SCOPE films in the official selection of #cannes2020

The official selection of the Cannes Film Festival 2020 has been unveiled.

There will be no contest this year. A first since 1939!

Because of the coronavirus, there will be no competition this year in Cannes, and therefore no Palme d'Or can be awarded. This is an extremely rare event: it happened once before in the year 1939.

That year, the Cannes Film Festival was to celebrate its first edition, as a reaction to the Venice Mostra having come under fascist control. The event was cancelled and the first official edition had to wait until 1946 and the end of the war to take place.


Last update on : 10.06.2020

An official selection of 56 films

There is no debate for the organizers that the 2020 edition cannot simply be cancelled; it is very important to support the produced films and whose theatrical release's are threatened by COVID-19.

An official selection of 56 films was unveiled on June 3 by Thierry Frémaux and Pierre Lescure; these films will be supported by the #cannes2020 label when they are released.

As Thierry Frémaux explains:

It's also because the filmmakers were there, at work, that we didn't leave, that we didn't send everyone to 2021, that we persevered. And we did the right thing: by choosing to work untill the selection was established, we had the honour of receiving more than 2,000 feature films, 2067 to be exact.

Last update on : 10.06.2020

3 films by SCOPE in the selection

SCOPE is delighted to have no less than 3 of its films in this selection, including the next François Ozon, which will be released in Belgium on July 15th: "Eté 85".

Laurent Tirard's comedy "Le Discours", starring Benjamin Lavernhe, is also part of the official 2020 selection, as is Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar's "A Good Man".

Last update on : 10.06.2020


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